I believe in one God, existent from eternity past, now is in the present, and eternally will be in the future, in the Person of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

I believe all the earth, all the heavens, all things above the earth, all things below the earth and all things whatsoever exist, have been created by and through Jesus Christ the Son of God.

I believe that God created the earth, the heavens and all there is in six physical days, and created man on the sixth day and to our example, God rested from all His work on the seventh day.

I believe that man rebelled against God through Lucifer’s deception of the first woman, Eve and subsequent disobedience by the first man, Adam; thus all mankind thereafter is born in sin.

I believe that only through the finished work of Christ at Calvary can man be regenerated unto eternal life by faith in the life, death, burial and resurrection of Christ, and that the Holy Bible is God’s divinely inspired Word, showing man the narrow and difficult way to eternal life.

I believe that only through personal confession and repentance of sins to Jesus Christ and faith in His work on Calvary, can one be born again unto salvation to become the elect of God.

I believe in baptism by water, exampled by Jesus Christ, only after one’s personal expression of confession, repentance and faith in Christ; that infant baptisms are of absolutely no value.

I believe that each person has a choice in receiving Christ and can also by choice turn away from the faith, shipwreck their faith, depart from the faith, cast off the faith, stray from the faith and even deny the faith, to become as Scripture calls them, “…twice dead’. Jude 12

I believe that all who reject faith in Jesus Christ remain dead in their sins, cut off from Messiah the Son of God, and that the wrath of God remains upon them unto eternal destruction.

I believe in the glorious hope that Jesus Christ will return to earth only one more time, at the rapture, at the last day, at the seventh and last trumpet, at the first resurrection of the dead, to gather together His elect, in accordance with His promise, “Immediately after the tribulation…” Matthew 24:29-31

I believe the saints will, subsequent to the rapture, rule and reign with Christ one thousand years from Jerusalem, the beloved city, from which, Messiah, the Christ, rules with a rod of iron.

I believe that after the Great White Throne Judgment where the wicked and unbelieving are cast into the lake of fire to suffer eternal torment, at the conclusion of Christ’s millennial reign, the saints shall, then, in eternal glory, be with God forever and ever, glorious time without end.

Marlin J. Yoder

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