The “Great Reset” of 2021

Friday, July 3, 2020

If you think the UN, the WHO, the CDC and government globalists have our best interest at heart, you would be very mistaken. They’re interested only in preserving the elite, those with the UN’s utopian 2030 Agenda. Their plan is for them to be its beneficiaries. Their plan is for you and me to be eradicated from the world. That’s their goal. That’s Satan’s goal. The “UN says the world cannot return to ‘previous normal’ after coronavirus”. There comes a time when true Christians must step back and let God’s prophetic Word have its way, and that time is now.

Globalists’ irrational and intentionally destructive response to COVID-19 caused massive fiscal and social destruction globally. They achieved their goal. And since round one of this pandemic was just the beta test to check people’s obedience to government mandates, COVID-19, 2.0 will now return with a vengeance, having tighter lockdowns, food shortages, and even FEMA reeducation camps for the non-compliant. By November 2020 things will become disastrous!

The world is strongly arrayed against true Christians. The rounding up and slaughter of true Christians is part of globalists’ plans to usher in their Tower of Babel-type utopian agenda. True Christians are an obstacle to those plans and will be non-compliant, thus needing to be destroyed. Jesus Christ was very clear about true Christians being hated by the world, John 15:18–20. The UN has even warned of, no, they’ve actually planned for, their power-grabbing global food shortages – massive manufactured food shortages to assist their global depopulation plans.

Bill Gates says COVID-19 ‘will be back in big numbers’ in October – November when US temperatures turn lower”. My response? “Well of course! Bill, we’re not surprised you say this! Your money talks. When you talk the WHO and CDC listen. They love your money, abortion activism, big pharma funding, and beast technology of contact tracing, and thus, your cohorts give you a platform of global influence reserved for the elite few. Bill, you need salvation by faith in Christ before it’s eternally too late. I urge Christians to pray for your salvation!”

As reported from, “The World Economic Forum announced Wednesday that its next summit in Davos would go ahead, and billed it as the “Great Reset” to remodel the global economy following the COVID-19 pandemic.” The article says “The WEF said the political, economic and social disruptions caused by the crisis had exposed the inadequacies of health, financial and energy systems, leaving leaders at a crossroads.” And that “The COVID-19 crisis has shown us that our old systems are not fit any more for the 21st century”…and “It has laid bare the fundamental lack of social cohesion”, that “Now is the historical moment, the time, not only to fight the virus but to shape the system for the post-corona era.” And that “In short, we need a great reset.” Dear fellow Christians, I urge you to prepare NOW for this “Great Reset”.

And from Harbingers Daily “Al Gore, UN Secretary-General, others now demanding ‘Great Reset’ of global capitalism…The purpose of the Great Reset isn’t merely to enact policies that would lead to additional wealth redistribution, but rather to completely overhaul the world’s existing structures and institutions. Among other things, Schwab has said of the Great Reset, ‘the world must act jointly and swiftly to revamp all aspects of our societies and economies, from education to social contracts and working conditions.’” Christians, are you attentive to what wicked people of this world are planning? I repeat: “the world must act jointly and swiftly to revamp all aspects of our societies and economies, from education to social contracts and working conditions”! This is the New World Order, and dear Christians, you and I stand in the way of their God-hating, spirit of Antichrist, global unity. And it’s time we prepare!

Does the great global “Reset” of wealth redistribution sound promising? Well, only if you’re a globalist. Will the redistribution of wealth accomplish anything positive? No, because Jesus said “you have the poor with you always” (Mark 14:7). The redistribution of wealth and great reset of global economies WILL create unprecedented wars that will, again, assist the globalists’ plans of depopulation, which is what they desire. Can you and I as Christians thwart the great reset that will devastate the world? Not at all. Nor should we try, for this is prophetically foretold by God.

This great global reset and wealth redistribution is being orchestrated by spirits of Antichrist. And you and I as Christians just need to prepare for it. Live a holy life, be set apart to the Lord Jesus Christ as the Spirit of God said “Pursue peace with all people, and holiness, without which no one will see the Lord” (Heb. 12:14). As much as it depends on us we can and do pursue peace with all people, but our peace is from God by salvation faith in Christ Jesus. But this is precisely the peace the world rejects. God’s peace is exclusive. But the world rejects anything exclusive for all that’s inclusive, for which many Christians are being led astray into false ecumenism.

In the article UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres is quoted saying “The Great Reset is a welcome recognition that this human tragedy [COVID-19] must be a wake-up call. It is imperative that we re-imagine, rebuild, redesign, reinvigorate and rebalance our world.” Well, there you have it – rather than calling on God, they rebuild Nimrod’s Tower of Babel. The WEF will meet in January 2021 and will likely deliver their “Great Reset” for total implementation by about September – October of 2021. Let me reemphasize what the UN Secretary-General said: “It is imperative that we re-imagine, rebuild, redesign, reinvigorate and rebalance our world.” The “Great Reset” is coming at the behest of the UN’s 2030 Agenda. Get prepared!

By October – November, we will see America descend even more into a hotbed of chaos, rage and bloodshed. The time has come for powerful malevolent spirits of the underworld both in the US and abroad to usher in their end-time evils. From Dr. Tom Horn’s June 30, 2020 article: “On January 20, 2001, President George W. Bush, during his first inaugural address, faced the Obelisk known as the Washington Monument and twice referred to an angel that “rides in the whirlwind and directs this storm.” The increasing chaos delivered into the hearts and minds of mankind by evil spirits undergird globalists’ rationale of increased radical lawless reforms.

The 2021 Great Reset will likely be the forerunner to the start of the last seven years of this age. Over the next eighteen months expect more natural disasters, wars, famines, pestilence, disease, earthquakes, civil chaos and lawless rioting in America and around the world. God told ancient Joseph in Egypt of a coming famine, and in faith Joseph believed God and prepared. Likewise, Christ has told Christians “beforehand” that end-time famines are coming, giving everyone who actually believes the testimony of Jesus Christ time to prepare. I pray that includes you. The pre-trib rapture deceptive lie by ministers steeped in tradition is a spiritually catastrophic failure! If you believe the pre-trib rapture, you don’t believe Christ!

Marlin J. Yoder

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I'm a non-denominational ordained minister, and have written for many years and teach the truths of Jesus Christ with an emphasis on the end-times. This on-line and in-person ministry to which God called me helps many people to know the truths of Christ rather than traditions of men which make "the word of God of no effect" (Mark 7:13).


    1. Hello Michael, first, please accept my apology for being so late in responding to your question of October 7, 2020. To give other readers the context to your question, here’s my comment from the July 3, 2020 post entitled The “Great Reset”. I stated “The WEF will meet in January 2021 and will likely deliver their “Great Reset” for total implementation by about September – October of 2021.” In answer to your question why I believe the Great Reset will be implemented by September or October of 2021 – The World Economic Form (WEF) meets in Davos, Switzerland in January 2021 to discuss the creation and implementation of that Reset. As with all red-tape bureaucratic projects, it will likely take 7 to 8 months for the Reset to actually go live. But, it may go live sooner than that depending on nations’ abilities to get on board. On a personal note, I believe the Great Reset going live in September / October 2021 will also coincide with the start of the biblical 7-year tribulation – based on Jesus’ parable of the fig tree at Matt. 24:32-35, and Israel being reborn on May 14, 1948, and God’s Psa. 90:10 generation. Thank you for your comment/question, Marlin J. Yoder.

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