Vaxx Ignorance and Fear

Friday, October 7, 2022

Vaccine ignorance and fear in global citizens gave elite globalists a victory that otherwise would have been a total failure had people discerned truth and rejected the lies surrounding COVID-19 and its mandated vaccines. COVID-19 was the creation of evil people determined to initiate the Great Reset by taking global control of people, control of their will, destroying their freedoms, their jobs, their faith, their free speech, their thoughts and even taking control of their identity.

The last 2 1/2 years, in earnest, began the UN’s 2030 Agenda and Klaus Schwab’s Great Reset. Through fear, intimidation and lies they’ve subjugated the majority of the world’s population to them and their will. And to a great degree the lies and deceit worked as evidenced by a majority of people who obeyed the government lockdowns and vaccine mandates, fueled by an equally radical left-wing mainstream media which in lockstep repeated the globalist’s wicked agenda.

It’s never surprising that unbeliever’s force their will above God’s will and purposes, it occurs often at the micro level. But what’s shocking is that when the COVID and vaxx evils went to a global level, the number of professing Christians who for lack of knowledge, discernment and understanding the signs of the times, believed the lies of wicked globalists, and like obedient children stood in line with sleeves rolled up for the experimental, untested COVID vaxx that maimed hundreds of thousands and killed tens of thousands! Medical reports now surfacing, exposing the unprecedented harmful side effects of the COVID vaxx and related boosters are numerous. The VAERS website shows only a very small fraction of the vaxx deadly effects.

Fear and ignorance are high-ranking agents in gaining control over people, to force upon them the will of evil people, who maliciously are themselves bringing about God’s prophetic Word for the end of this present age. More pestilences and diseases are being manufactured by globalists, who will also produce more harmful and nefarious vaccines for yet further control of the world. In addition to these wicked steps against humanity, the same elite globalists are about to roll out global digital ID’s, together with a new digital currency that will replace all currencies now in use by individual nations, because the debt level of every nation is altogether unsustainable.

Remember, the coming mark of the beast, Rev. 13:16–17, is not about disease and vaccines, but one hundred percent about economic ability vs economic inability. And the pestilences, diseases and their vaccines are instruments needed in gaining the people’s obedience to government and elite globalist’s evil mandates. Humanity is now in the proving grounds of obedience to powers that will in several years mandate the mark. And manufactured diseases and vaccines are being used to prove obedience. This is absolutely true because, they, elite globalists, need a prepared people, a population, who is obedient to their most important mandate of Satan’s ultimate goal.

The organized church better wake up and begin teaching and equipping believers in God’s end-time truths, because the deceptive and false pre-trib rapture narrative will cause the majority of believers to remain ignorant that the mark of the beast is now in view, and just like the COVID vaccines will non-discerningly accept it as elite globalists will withhold from resisters the ability to buy or sell food and other life necessities. Please listen, millions have already suffered the loss of private and military jobs because they refused the COVID vaxx. Sound familiar? This is why the mark of the beast is all about economics. They will force submission by weaponizing food!

And do not think that you’ll be raptured before any of this occurs, because you won’t be. The failure of unbelief in Western Christianity is shocking. Oh, millions talk of faith in Christ, but many don’t really believe Him that the end-time Tribulation applies to them. And who led them to such anti-Christ unbelief? Ah, well-groomed, smooth-talking, academically unchallenged men who followed John Darby’s wicked creation of the pre-trib rapture Dispensational theology that promises believers that Jesus’ end-time teachings, warnings and instruction do not apply to them! In their academic hubris they trashed the testimony of Almighty God and His Christ, and created a less discerning, easy plan for the end-game of this age that writes them and their followers right out and away from God’s Word. And the masses having itching ears love to hear deceptions and lies that promise them a better and easier road to eternal glory than the testimony of Jesus Christ who Himself suffered tribulation unto death. And, pre-trib rapture deceivers’ message has not a single verse of Scriptural support, for which there will be a terrible price to pay for such deceit.

We’ve reached the point at which no one is to be trusted except men defending the testimony of Almighty God, His Christ, and Holy Spirit as delivered in the Holy Bible. And he who claims to be a minister, pastor or teacher, and does not on all points lovingly and with personal conviction defend the testimony of Christ, he needs to either leave the pulpit or ask God for a renewed heart and vision. Many in public forums seem to desire the accolades and praise of people. But who is it that seeks the praise of God? He is not at all in the limelight, nor seeks man’s praise, but dwells in the secret place of the Most High and seeks His praise. I warn you in the love of Christ, do not look to nor believe any politicians; nor believe that any man is our hope, but only the Lord Jesus.

These end-times are overwhelmingly compromised by mandated fears, deception and lies. And only one who wholeheartedly believes the Lord Jesus Christ will discern truth from deception. I have said before, and I’ll say again, the US government, together with all other governments of this world, fit squarely in the harsh rebuke of Almighty God at Psa. 2:1–3. End-time government leaders raise their collective fists against God and His Anointed Christ, especially the illegitimate third-term shadow government of Barack Hussein Obama, who, I believe, is running the affairs of the US government, given the facts of the very obvious cognitively impaired and highly inept puppet-on-string President Joe Biden and all his radically liberal, leftist Democrat officials. In this short video, Tulsi Gabbard also reveals who she believes to be pulling the strings of our US government, and it’s not President Joe Biden who is only allowed to read what he is told to say.

Soon, we can expect major domestic violence, and WWIII; a major food shortage crisis; a major electrical power crisis; economic contractions and national currency failures; more elite-created pandemics and lockdowns to gain more control; more untested, harmful and deadly vaccines; the creation of a global digital currency; the creation of a mandated global, personalized digital ID.

As believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, what can we do in response to these issues? Know that you know the Lord Jesus Christ by true faith. Know God’s end-time Word for the end of this present age. Read God’s Word and pray daily, asking help from His Holy Spirit. Surround yourself with others of like precious faith. Don’t give fear a foothold in your life. For the food shortage famine, prepare to the best of your ability. Believe Jesus Christ, and provide for, and protect your family.

Marlin J. Yoder

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I'm a non-denominational ordained minister, and have written for many years and teach the truths of Jesus Christ with an emphasis on the end-times. This on-line and in-person ministry to which God called me helps many people to know the truths of Christ rather than traditions of men which make "the word of God of no effect" (Mark 7:13).

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